How to Play Scratch Cards Professionally Like Hand Old Village Bet 

How to play Scratch Cards The standards will be updated in detail and specifically for you to hunt for rewards in the most professional way. To participate in green nine matches, show your betting class and earn profits, please update the detailed data source below.
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TGet an overview of the Scratch card

Three Card Poker is an extremely familiar name in traditional and online casinos. Possessing high lethality and attractive organization, these matches have quickly attracted the attention and love of many players around the world.

The principle of the game is to compare and contrast the scores of all members present on the table. According to regulations, a normal match is held, each player can only own 3 pieces in their hand.

The player with the highest total value of the pieces wins and receives an attractive profit. It can be seen that the duration of Three Card Poker matches is quite fast, and the risk factor that determines a member’s ability to win money is also quite high.

Classification of popular forms of gambling today

Receiving the love of many players, Bai Cao has now become more popular with many forms of organization:

  • Turtle Scratch: How to play this Scratch Card is relatively simple, you just need to calculate your total score and then compare and contrast with other members to determine the result.
  • Scratch Card: Similar to how to play Scratch Card Turtle, but you need to bet twice right after opening the card.
  • Scratch Card: Quite popular on online platforms, one member will make the bet, the rest will compare scores with the house.

Scratch Card betting rules are specific to each form

Each genre has a different way of taking place, detailed as below.

How to play Turtle Scratch Cards

Not at all complicated for players, each match will have 2 – 6 members. Each individual participant will be dealt 3 cards face down on the table. Then everyone hand The bet will turn over the cards, add points and compare values. Whoever has the highest total will win and receive a reward.

How to play Scratch Cards

Cao Cai requires players to clearly understand the rules of each round to avoid making unfortunate mistakes:

  • Members participating in the match are 2 – 6 people.
  • Whoever bets the most money will become the dealer, if no one wins the system will randomly select.
  • Then, each member will be dealt 3 cards > Players place bets > All bets so points with the house, whoever has the larger total will win and receive a reward. 

Scratch Card Rules

It can be seen that the way to play Cao To is not too different from Cao Rua, the specific rules are as follows:
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  • Number: 2-6 people in match.
  • Members are dealt 3 cards placed face down on the table > Bet to read the cards and are required to do one of the following activities: 
    • Raising: The action of a player placing an additional bet on his match.
    • Bet: The bet that members use in green nine matches.
    • All in/All in: Player uses all available money to bet.
    • Set/fold: If the possibility of winning and receiving a reward is not positive, the member will execute this command to stop the game.
    • Double: Bet with double the original amount.
  • Completing the above action, members turn over and compare cards with each other. Whoever keeps the highest score will win and win the entire table’s bet.

Basic principles in how to play Scratch Cards

Participating in nine green matches, players cannot ignore the most basic source of knowledge. Below is a summary of important information that you need to add before you start placing bets.

Principles for calculating points in playing Scratch Cards

To clearly understand the match position and calculate appropriate bets, members need to firmly understand how to calculate points in the match. How to play Scratch Cards, the principles to determine the total points that the bettor owns are specifically shown as follows:

  • For cards from 2 to 10, the point value they possess will correspond to the number written on the face of that card.
  • Card A in playing Scratch Cards is equal to exactly 1 point.
  • The three cards J, Q, K have equal value, determined by 10.
  • To determine win or loss, the player needs to add the total of 3 cards together, but only compare the units with each other. For example: The total from 10 – 19 is only specified as 0 – 9, similarly, the point value from 20 – 29 is also determined as 0 – 9.
  • In addition, you also need to pay attention to the special case: Members who own 3 cards J, Q, K will win immediately without having to go through the process of comparing scores.

Special cases in playing Scratch Cards

Not only calculating the normal total score, during the match the player will encounter some special cases that are counted higher than 9 points. From large to small, the regulations are as follows:

  • Wax: This is a set of 3 cards with the same value, in this case the set of 3 Aces will have the greatest power.
  • Lieng: Gather 3 pieces whose displayed points are consecutive, for example: Set of 3, 4, 5.
  • Ba Tay: In the case of winning white above, if there is more than 1 member on the table who owns this set, we will compare the size of the cards.

How to play Scratch Cards has been compiled by experts with the most basic and necessary content. To conduct a green nine game to profit smoothly, please immediately update yourself with this important source of knowledge.

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