Cricket Fan Culture: Celebrating the Sport Worldwide

The fan base of any activity in the world, whether music, film, or sports, is perhaps the most important factor influencing success. Fans and their enthusiasm for the sport they enjoy have the greatest influence on its spread. In short, nothing can survive for long without devoted supporters. In this article, we will discuss the history of cricket and how the first players began to promote their favorite sport to the masses.

The history of the game

The first appearance of cricket dates back to the 13th century in written records. The game is believed to have been originated from the county of Kent but soon after spread into its surroundings. Cricket, on the other hand, flourished in England during the 18th century. The world’s first cricket club was founded in Hampshire. 

At a later stage, the entertainment came to London and the townspeople eagerly began to sort things out on the grassy lawns. All it takes to start playing is a bat, and a ball, some rudimentary wooden structures, and an empty stretch of territory. The game was one of the greatest triumphs, gaining new popularity, obtaining fans’ hearts and perhaps becoming the most popular sport.

Interestingly, cricket has its Olympic history – unique in itself. Only one cricket match was held during the Olympic Games. In 1900 the British team won over the French one. Since no one else competed, the British received the Olympic gold and the French got silver. However, the organizers failed to be impressed and cricket was eliminated from the competition schedule. There has been cricket talk that might return to the Olympics again but does not seem so likely.

The role of cricket fans in popularizing the game

Millions of cricket fans want to see the sport at the Olympics. And perhaps the game’s popularity can be explained. Cricket is even the world’s second-largest sport in terms of wagering volume. In recent years, the IPL betting site, which accepts cricket bets, has seen a steady increase in betting volumes. Despite this, the length of the match has always been one of the most difficult aspects of incorporating cricket into the Olympic Games.

A match usually lasts five days and consists of two innings in which each team serves and bats once. Naturally, with rest and meal breaks. Furthermore, if the teams did not finish the match on time, a draw was declared regardless of the current score. A high-scoring draw, in which both teams scored the same number of points in the allotted time, has occurred only twice in international competition history. 

In modern times, such a concept does not suit spectators, television companies, or competition organizers, so in the 1960s, a variant of the game with a limited number of innings appeared. Because each team served 300 times during the match, the game could be completed in a single day.

T20 cricket as a variant whereby the innings are limited to 120 and it takes about three hours for such playing has become more popular in recent years. Before, batters should have been careful to preserve their players. However, to score points they need to play more aggressively and take risks which raises the interest of the audience towards the game.

Cricket nowadays

The World Cup is currently held in T20 format, which allows for live television broadcasts and match betting online. Currently, the Australian team is the world leader in cricket. They won three out of four recent world championships. The Sri Lankans and the Indians are the main rivals of the Australians. 

It is also worth noting that the West Indian team, which has never missed a World Cup and has won two of them, is still competing. Glenn McGrath of Australia and India’s Sachin Tendulkar are considered the best players in the international arena. These people hold the records, respectively, for the largest number of goals knocked down and points earned by runs.


There will always be cricket fans who adore the game. The number of cricket fans is increasing, which means that cricket may soon be reinstated as an Olympic sport. This is fantastic news for all fans of this fascinating game.

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