The Best 10 Live Dealer Games in Live Casino Malaysia

A distinctive step was taken in the casino industry when online casinos were introduced a few decades ago. People could not take the time to visit land-based casinos and enjoy the thrilling environment of betting and winning money. However, the robotic climate in online casinos took away all the hype in no time. Only the live dealer games revived online casinos better than ever. 

Players worldwide can enjoy real-time land-based casinos from the comfort of their homes. Live dealers and real opponents make placing bets more thrilling. We will highlight live casino Malaysia‘s top live dealer games, such as me88, maxim88, BK8, and 96m. 

Top Online Casinos to Provide Live Casino Malaysia Games

  1. me88

Many online casinos in Malaysia now offer live dealer games, and Me88 is at the top. Me88 is a trusted Malaysian live casino registered and certified by the Government of Curacao. It provides live dealer gaming options for players worldwide, including blackjack, baccarat, dragon tiger, etc. 

  1. Maxim88

Next worth mentioning online casinos in Malaysia in terms of live dealer games is maxim88. Maxim88 is appropriately checked, reviewed, and approved by the world’s top independent regulatory authorities, such as BMM, iTech labs, etc, making it one of the safest online casinos in Malaysia. Maxim88, other top online casinos, offers live roulette, sic bo, blackjack, live craps, etc in the live dealer games section. 

  1. BK8

BK8 may be addressed in a discussion about online casinos in Malaysia. BK8, for its safety and security features, gets its certification from the Government of Curacao and is regulated by BMM labs for its fair play. Live me88 and maxim88, BK8 also offer a considerable number of live casino games, including but not limited to live roulette, live poker, live craps, etc. 

  1. 96m

Last but not least, we have 96m on the list, which, like the other three, maintains its position in providing the best live dealer gaming experience to players worldwide. Its partnership with Evolution Gaming, Pragmatic Play and Play tech makes it one of the best online casinos in Malaysia to offer live dealer games such as live roulette, live sic bo, live dream catcher, etc. 

Best Live Dealer Games in Live Casino Malaysia

  • Live Blackjack: A Classic Game
  • Live Roulette: 
  • Live Baccarat: The Fusion of Elegance and Simplicity
  • Live Sic Bo: Daring Dice Adventure
  • Live Dragon Tiger: Simplicity at Speed
  • Live Poker: 
  • Live Bingo
  • Football Studio
  • Live Craps: Dice-Infused Energy
  •  Live Dream Catcher: Wheel of Destiny


Live Blackjack: A Classic Game

Let us start our list of the best live dealer games with Live Blackjack. Live Blackjack is a simple card game and has always been the favorite casino game in physical, online, or live dealer casinos. The live dealer feature by me88 and maxim88 has added the most enticing and thrilling feature to playing blackjack in live casino Malaysia. You can imagine the fun part when human hands handle your cards during the game, giving you some challenging situations.

Live Roulette:

Prepare to delve into the immersive universe of live roulette – a captivating visit where the spinning wheel and the twirl of the ball arrange a mesmerizing sight! Live Roulette, like Blackjack, has also been in light since its inception. Live casino Malaysia, like BK8, 96m, and maxim88, have added the live dealer feature to roulette, where users get the most realistic feelings. Players from worldwide are winning vast amounts of money from live casino Malaysia games. You can also try your luck by placing your bets on the classic red and black color scheme. 

Live Baccarat: The Fusion of Elegance and Simplicity

Live baccarat is less popular than the other live casino Malaysia games; however, several players still need to play it. However, adding live baccarat by top casinos like Maxim88, Me88, and 96m has elevated its thrilling aspect to the next level. Players are constantly liking the live dealer version of baccarat in live casino Malaysia games. Like other online versions, the live-dealer game involves betting on the player or dealer to win or a tie.

Live Sic Bo: Daring Dice Adventure

Sic bo is another live dealer game on our list of the best live casino Malaysia games. It is a dice-based game that could be more prevalent in online casinos, with bots handling everything. However, in the live dealer version of Sic Bo, players find themselves in comparatively more exciting and sensational situations when they see the dice roll over in real time with curiosity about whether they will get the number. Live casino Malaysia, such as BK8, maxim88, me88, and 96m, are the best places to place live dealer Sic Bo. 

Live Dragon Tiger: Simplicity at Speed

Moving ahead to the next stop, we have the Live Dragon Tiger live Casino Malaysia game. It is also a dice-based game that was not very popular before the introduction of its live dealer versions by famous online casinos in Malaysia, including but not limited to maxim88, 96m, and me88. It is a two-card game with a fast pace and straightforward processes. You can try this game to experience something new, immersive, and fun with real dealers and opponents competing with you in real-time. 

Live Poker: 

It would not be wrong to call poker the chess of card games. Poker requires players to have immense patience and deep thought before making their bets on a decision. Poker comes in various versions, like three-card, four-card, and video poker. Live dealer poker in Live Casino Malaysia is more fun than video poker because of the interactive and challenging environment. Top online casinos in Malaysia, like maxim88 and BK8, provide the best experience for live dealer poker players worldwide. 

Live Bingo

Live Bingo is another live casino game in Malaysia. It is among the best live dealer games available at most top-ranked casinos, and the live dealer feature has also made it more exciting. Bingo thrives in a live setting: a human drawing the numbers generate more tension than numbers simply appearing on a screen. It is a worthwhile live dealer game with huge rewards and exciting promotions for players worldwide.

Football Studio

Most players and users would get fooled by the name of this live casino Malaysia game. The soccer game is a slightly different version of live baccarat and casino war. In the live dealer version, the dealer distributes the cards and then withdraws one from each player. The card with the most significant number wins the game. Football Studio is available in many top-ranked online casinos in Malaysia. This version of live baccarat is more fun-oriented and exciting. 

Live Craps: Dice-Infused Energy

Live craps, like Sic Bo, is also a dice game but with two dice simultaneously rolling over the table. The live dealer version of craps in BK8 and maxim88 have added an extra layer of fun and excitement to the overall gameplay of live craps. Players turn the dice one after the other, making the whole game fast-paced. The game comes with straightforward rules and hence is easy to understand but, on the other hand, hard to master. 

Live Dream Catcher: Wheel of Destiny

Live Dream Catcher is another live casino game and Malaysia’s most exciting live dealer game. It does not have a rotating roulette wheel or cards. Instead, it has a massive money wheel with 54 segments. The players choose a number, and if they hit the desired number, they win their bet multiplied by the winning number. BK8, me88, and maxim88 are offering the best deals for the live dream catcher game. 

The Final Verdict

This article aims to help you understand the best features and purposes many live casinos in Malaysia offer their users. After constant consideration and research, we have devised a list of the top 10 best live dealer games offered in live casinos in Malaysia. These games allow you to enjoy every moment of your gameplay and win extraordinary bonuses and rewards in real time. 

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