Review: Windows File Recovery Software – MyRecover

Since computer has become a important tool for you, data security on computers can be a significant factor for both personal users and business users now.

You always save much important files on computer. However, if you do not perform regular backups for them, it will be hard for you to get them back when encountering data loss.

Thankfully, data recovery software offers a option for you to find lost files successfully. If you need a Windows file recovery software now, please continue reading this review.

Comprehensive Recovery Solutions

Deleted Data Recovery

No matter how you have deleted the data, normally or accidentally, by dragging to the Recycle Bin or by tabbing on the “Shift+DEL” key or by clicking the “Delete” button, this Windows file recovery software is all set to help you get them back successfully.

Recycle Bin Recovery

If you accidentally cleaned out the files in the Recycle Bin, this file recovery software can help you get them back.

Restore Data from Formatted Disks

Let the free recovery tool help you get them back from formatted disks.

Retrieve Data from Lost Partition

When partitions get deleted/lost/corrupted/formatted, your data is gone, too. If the files are not overwritten, the file recovery software can help you recover the files from the partition.

Windows Data Recovery After System Crash

When you encounter issues like BSOD, frozen computer, inaccessible system, etc., let this powerful tool scan your drive and help you out from system crash data loss.

Windows Data Recovery After Virus Attack

A virus attack may delete files on your computer. File recovery software can recover lost and deleted files after virus attack.

MyRecover: Free Windows File Recovery

If you encounter data loss scenarios unfortunately, like accidental deletion, system crashes, formatted hard drives, MyRecover can be a nice Windows file recovery choice for you.

MyRecover provides powerful recovery functions, which will help you get your files back successfully. And MyRecover has a clear graphical user interface, which will make the recovery process easy.

MyRecover is designed for Windows devices especially. Windows 11, 10, 8, 7, XP and Windows Server are all supported in MyRecover.


  • Once you connect it to your Windows computer, MyRecover can help you recover files from SSDs, HDDs, USB drives, SD cards, and more storage devices.
    • MyRecover can recover text, emails, pictures, videos, even compressed files, system files and many other types of files.
    • NTFS, FAT32, exFAT, and ReFS file systems commonly used in Windows environments are supported in MyRecover.
    • MyRecover can recover deleted files quickly and completely.
  • MyRecover uses Quick Scan and Deep Scan to help you find all the deleted files and lost files completely.
  • File recovery, partition recovery, WeChat recovery, etc. are all supported in MyRecover.
  • MyRecover provides some useful features, like preview, filter, search, pause, bringing you much convenience.


  • Only support Windows operating system now.

MyRecover’s advantages far outweigh any minor drawbacks it may have. Renowned experts and media outlets have consistently praised MyRecover for its exceptional data recovery capabilities.

According to these sources, MyRecover is both reliable and practical, offering a straightforward interface that makes recovering deleted or lost data a seamless process. Users can expect an easy and user-friendly experience when using MyRecover for data recovery tasks.

Functional Test: Recover Windows Files

MyRecover quite impressed me in the functional test. Let me show you how powerful and professional it is.

Get MyRecover from its official website, and install it on my computer. Now, for testing, I deleted some PDF files.

When I launch MyRecover on my computer, it detects all the hard drives on the computer. I just hover mouse on the hard drive that saved PDF files before, and click Scan here.

MyRecover performs Quick Scan and Deep Scan to seek all the deleted files.

And here, I try Search and Filter features to locate deleted PDF files quickly. Type filename in the  search box for quick retrieval. Or, use Filters like Type, Date Modified, and Size to find lost files faster.

Here, I choose Documents in the Type menu, and input PDF in the Search box. You can find all the deleted PDF files here.

I can see the scanning results with my deleted PDF files now. Then I choose the PDF files that I deleted for the test.

After quick detecting, scanning, and locating, MyRecover performs efficient recovery task.


In a word, MyRecover is a professional Windows file recovery software. When you encounter data loss issues, MyRecover can be a free data recovery choice to get your files back. It will help you locate and recover files quickly and effectively.

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