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Are you a fan of soccer betting and want to learn more about more complex types of bets? In this article, we will guide you in detail about 3-way handicap betting – an attractive and challenging type of bet. Neu88 will provide you with the most basic and detailed knowledge on how to play, when to play, and how to optimize your chances of winning big in this type of bet. Join us to find out!

Definition of 3-Way Handicap Betting

3-way handicap bet, also known as 3-way handicap bet, is a variation of handicap bet (Asian handicap or Handicap bet) – one of the most popular types of bets in soccer betting. Here, we will learn in detail the definition of this type of bet.

A 3-way handicap bet is a type of bet in which the player has three betting options, and the handicap team will handicap the underdog’s number of goals. This type of bet is often called by many different names, including 3-way handicap, 3-way handicap, 3-way handicap, or 3-way Asian handicap.

In a 3-way handicap bet, the handicap of this bet is the number of “even” handicaps with n left. That means, the number of extra handicaps for the away team or home team will be 1, 2, 3 or more. Unlike traditional handicaps such as 0.25, 0.5, 0.75, this type of handicap does not exist.

 Betting Doors in 3-Way Handicap Betting

At online soccer betting houses, 3-way handicap bets usually have three betting options:

Home Team: This is the odds on the home team winning the match.
Away Team: Bet on the away team winning.
Tie: Win when betting on two teams being tied.
Remember, although these odds are similar to European odds, the two types of bets are completely different. The odds of each door correspond to the handicap of the home or away team.

When Should You Play 3-Way Handicap Betting?

To win the easiest when playing 3-way handicap bets, you need to clearly understand when to play and choose accordingly. Here are some situations when you should consider playing a 3-way handicap:

Huge Difference in Forces

When two teams have a large difference in strength and the strong team has a clear advantage, this is the ideal time to play 3-way handicap betting. The strong team will handicap the weak team with the number of goals, and the chance of winning the bet will be high.

Betting on 1st Half (Halftime) or Full Time (Fulltime)

When you play a 3-way handicap, you can bet on the first half or the entire match. Depending on the specific situation and the type of betting you want, you can choose the right time to place your bet.

3-Way Handicap Betting Form according to Shaking Bet

Some large bookmakers have introduced a 3-way handicap bet based on shaking bets. This means you can bet throughout the entire match, covering only the official 90 minutes of the match. This is an attractive point that attracts many people to bet.

How to Calculate Winning Bets

The way to calculate winning bets in 3-way handicap bets is similar to European handicaps. You can use the following formula:

Money won by the player = Money spent by the player * Payout rate at the corresponding bet.

If a match cannot take place for any reason, the bookmaker will refund your bet in full.
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Notes When Playing 3-Way Handicap Betting

Regardless of the bet, winning is not easy. Here are some important notes when you play 3-way handicap bets:

Understand Force Information and Performance

Before placing a 3-way handicap bet, learn carefully about the force situation and performance of the two teams. If there is a large difference between the two teams, the possibility of winning a 3-way handicap bet will be higher. This requires you to do thorough research and evaluation before placing a bet.

Pay Attention to Compensation Rate

The payout rate of the 3-way handicap bet will change depending on each bet. Pay attention to this ratio so you know the amount of money you will receive when you win the bet. Through the payout ratio, you can evaluate and choose the bet that best suits your betting strategy.

Master Soccer Betting Techniques

Soccer betting technique is an important factor so you can correctly evaluate the bet you want to choose. Based on indicators, statistics, and understanding of football, you can make accurate judgments and place smart bets.

Observe the Handicap Rate

Handicap ratio in Handicap betting is also an important factor. The higher the handicap, the greater the chance of winning the bet. Observe and analyze the handicap to make accurate betting decisions.

With the above notes, you will have the easiest chance to win when playing 3-way handicap bets. Please do thorough research and consider carefully before placing a bet to take advantage of the big winning opportunities from this type of bet.

The article also mentioned important notes when participating in 3-way handicap betting.

If you want to try and experience a new and interesting type of betting, then 3-way handicap betting can be a great choice. However, remember that success in betting always requires understanding, research, and betting skills. Don’t forget to manage your budget wisely and bet responsibly.

If you follow the notes and strategies shared in this article, you have the easiest chance of winning when playing 3-way handicap bets. Good luck and enjoy the soccer betting experience!

3-way handicap bet (3-way handicap bet) is an attractive and challenging type of bet in soccer betting. To be successful, you need to master information, payout rates, and betting techniques. However, remember that betting always comes with an element of risk, and there is no way to guarantee 100% victory. Betting is entertainment, please enjoy it and play responsibly. Good luck!

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