6 Best betting sites in India with instant withdrawal  

Do you like online betting? If yes, what will be the most frustrating thing? Losing match? Definitely not! It is actually taking a longer time to withdraw your winnings, isn’t it? Bettors always look for sites with attractive prices and loyal withdrawal processes. 

There is nothing wrong with expecting a genuine withdrawal feature. Betting websites provide instant withdrawal features and have become trusted sites among players. 

So, players won’t have to worry about transferring their winnings to their bank accounts. In that way, here we have the six betting sites in India with instant withdrawal. 


  • Indibet is a popular betting site in India. It provides a smooth withdrawal process. Players appreciate its user-friendly interface. 
  • Indibet has various sports and casino games available for players of all ages. The most appreciated feature of Indibet is its quick withdrawal times.
  • It processes every withdrawal request within hours. To withdraw, users need to log in and navigate to the wallet section. 
  • Select the withdrawal option and enter the required details. Submit your request. Ensuring your account is verified beforehand speeds up the process. 
  • Its efficient customer support and robust security measures help you throughout the withdrawal process. Indibet is a reliable choice for bettors looking for fast access to their winnings.


  • 96in known for its rapid withdrawal process and extensive betting options. If you prefer sports betting or casino games, 96in will provide you with something that excites you. 
  • The platform’s instant withdrawal feature is a major draw. This allowed players to access their funds almost immediately after requesting a withdrawal. 
  • To initiate a withdrawal, users simply log in and visit the cashier section. Select withdraw, and provide the necessary details. 
  • Account verification is crucial for smooth transactions. 96in has a commitment to user experience. Sticking to that, they provide quick withdrawal capabilities. 
  • This makes it a top choice for bettors in India seeking instant access to their earnings.


  • Parimatch is popular in the betting community. It is known for its reliability and fast withdrawal times. 
  • The site offers various sports and casino games. Players can personalize it to their changing preferences. 
  • Parimatch’s instant withdrawal option is highly praised. Most withdrawal requests are processed within a few hours. 
  • Users need to log in and navigate to the profile section. Choose withdrawal and enter the required details. Ensuring that all KYC requirements are met can speed up the process. 
  • Parimatch combines a different betting experience with the convenience of quick access to funds. And that’s how it becomes a preferred platform for many Indian bettors.


  • Fairplay(https://fairplayfantasyapp.com/) is a well-recognized name in the betting field. It offers a user-friendly betting experience with a focus on quick withdrawals. 
  • The site offers players a massive collection of sports and casino games. This denotes that every type of bettor will find something exciting for them.
  • Fairplay’s withdrawal process is simple. Most of the transactions are completed within hours. Just log in and go to the My Account section. 
  • Select withdraw and input the necessary details. Submit your request. Complete the verification of your account before the withdrawal. 
  • It ensures smooth withdrawals. The fairplay’s efficient service and focus on providing instant access to winnings, makes it a top contender among Indian betting sites.

Reddy Book

  • Reddy Book(https://reddy-book.com/) is a trusted betting platform in India. It is celebrated for its immediate withdrawal process. The site offers players various betting options. It may include sports and casino games. 
  • Users appreciate the ease of withdrawing their winnings. Players often receive funds within a few hours. 
  • The process involves logging in and visiting the banking section. Choose the withdrawal option. Entering the necessary details.
  • Completing KYC verification beforehand ensures quick transactions. Reddy Book provides users with a combination of fast withdrawals. 
  • Players get a range of betting options and reliable customer support. These all together make it a favorite among Indian bettors.

Yolo 247

  • Yolo 247(https://yolo247-login.com/) is the top-rated betting website. It provides an exciting betting experience with a strong focus on instant withdrawals. 
  • The platform offers an extensive selection of sports and casino games. These can be personalized to all types of bettors. 
  • The instant withdrawal feature is a major highlight. Users typically receive their funds within a few hours. 
  • To withdraw, users need to log in and navigate to the wallet section. Select withdraw funds and provide the required information. Ensuring the account is fully verified speeds up the process. 
  • Yolo 247 is dedicated to quick withdrawals. Its complete betting experience makes it a reliable choice for Indian bettors.

Summing up 

The list mentioned above consists of the six best betting sites offering instant withdrawal options to players. Millions of people trust these platforms. Players have peace of mind that their winnings will be in their bank account within a few hours. 

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