5 Best Mobile Betting Apps for Indian Users

Placing betting on our favorite sports games has become everyone’s favorite hobby. Even though there is a risk of losing money, the thrill of playing the game attracts a huge audience.  Betting websites offer almost all the necessary features to make it an enjoyable experience for players. 

To improve convenience, betting sites developed mobile apps. This gets a huge adaption from people. Bettors can play anytime, anywhere. They don’t need to visit physical betting locations or rely on desktop computers. 

Wherever they go, their winnings won’t stop once they shut down their system. This flexibility is particularly appealing to busy individuals who value on-the-go accessibility. Following are the five best mobile betting apps designed for Indian bettors to provide accessibility and convenience. 

Why do people like mobile betting apps?

Mobile betting apps became popular due to their convenience. They provide an improved user experience to the modern lifestyle:

  • Mobile apps provide easy access to various sports events and betting markets. They can start playing casino games with just a few taps on the screen. 
  • Their extensive accessibility allows users to engage in betting activities whenever they desire.
  • Intuitive interfaces and smooth navigation are notable in mobile betting apps. It offers a smooth user experience to all the betting players. 
  • These apps are designed to be user-friendly. This allows both novice and experienced bettors to navigate effortlessly. 
  • Users can place bets quickly and manage their accounts efficiently. Mobile apps deliver real-time updates on live scores, odds changes, and game statistics.
  • Players will be informed and engaged throughout their betting experience. Notifications about promotions and bonuses further enhance user engagement.


Indibet(https://www.indibet.in/home) offers a user-friendly mobile app. It ensures smooth navigation and quick access to various sports and casino games. People loved its intuitive interface for easy navigation. Their extensive coverage of sports markets provides vast betting options to users.

Feature  Description 
User-friendly interface Easily navigating interface designed for smooth user experience on mobile devices.
Various range of sports and markets Covers various sports events and provide vast betting markets available for users.
Live streaming and in-play betting Real-time streaming of sports events and ability to place bets during ongoing matches.



96in(https://96in.com/) provides a dedicated mobile app for Android and iOS users. It focuses on smooth performance and extensive access to various betting options. There are multiple betting options available for players. Secure payment methods ensure safe transactions. Mobile app optimized for user convenience and quick bet placement.

Feature  Description 
Provide Competitive odds  Provides attractive odds for sports betting and various casino games available on the platform.
Live dealer casino games Offers live dealer games such as roulette, blackjack, and baccarat for an interactive casino experience.
Quick and easy navigation on mobile app User-friendly interface with intuitive navigation for smooth betting and gaming experience.



Dafabet mobile app is designed for user convenience. It has a simple interface. Its robust features are for sports betting and online casino games. The app offers competitive odds for players. Users can enjoy betting on various sports and casino games. Quick navigation and secure transactions ensure a smooth betting experience.

Feature  Description 
Diverse betting options Offers a variety of betting options including sports betting and online casino games. 
Secure payment methods Ensures safe and secure transactions for deposits and withdrawals within the mobile app.
Dedicated mobile app for Android and iOS Optimized app specifically designed for Android and iOS users for efficient performance.



Fairplay is a popular betting platform. It offers a platform with a responsive design and a dedicated app. It focuses on high odds and cash-out features. Fairplay provides attractive bonuses on cricket, football, and more. Built with a responsive design for easy navigation and quick betting options. 

Feature  Description 
High odds on cricket and football Offers competitive odds on popular sports like cricket and football for better potential payouts.
Cash-out feature Allows users to cash out their bets early to secure winnings or minimize losses during live events.
Attractive bonuses and promotions Provides bonuses and promotions to incentivize users and enhance their betting experience.



Lotus365 offers a simple interface. It offers multiple sports betting options. Live betting and virtual sports provide a smooth betting experience on mobile devices. Users will find a variety of sports betting options available.  Its mobile interface ensures easy accessibility.

Feature  Description 
Variety of sports betting options Offers range of sports betting options including major and niche sports events.
Live betting and virtual sports Allows users to place bets on live matches and virtual sports simulations for continuous engagement.
User-friendly mobile interface Intuitive interface optimized for mobile devices for easy navigation and accessibility.

Bottom line 

Offering mobile apps gets a warm welcome from the sports betting market audience. These five best mobile betting apps for Indian users set a benchmark for providing a smooth betting experience. Choose wisely to make the best deals! 

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